Welcome! This page gives details about ongoing projects undertaken by both ourselves, and other organisations. If you are interested in any of the projects listed, contact details for the relevant Project Officer are given below.


Some time ago, an enthusiastic historian contacted us with a link to two fantastic short films he had created, one about the Bowls Pub, near Penyrheol in Caerphilly and one about pubs and clubs in general. You can see the films by clicking on this link for the Bowls and this link for other pubs and clubs.


Caerphilly Miners Project are inviting people to get in touch who have artefacts or documents or stories they would like to contribute to the displays that will be created in the Community Centre when it opens, so that visitors can learn about the history of the building. You can loan or donate your items, it is entirely up to you. They don't need your items/stories just yet but they do need to know what is available and who they belong to so they can contact you when the displays are being created. If you have anything you would like to contribute, the Project would love to hear from you. Please contact them through their website:

All they need to know at this point is your name and contact details and what items you have to share!


The Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum in Caernarfon are starting the mammoth task of looking for photos of individual soldiers from the RWF who were killed in the Great War.

They are trying to put each man’s name on display on a screen on the centenary of his death and would dearly love to be able to add a photograph of each man to go with his name. It is a huge undertaking as there were over 10,400 men from the RWF that were killed. But even if only a fraction of the photographs are found, it's felt it is worth doing. Many of the RWF were from all over so the museum are asking please could you help?

You can help by circulating this plea to anybody who is interested. Many families have photographs tucked away so this might prompt them to seek them out. They accept scans or copies and any that appeared in newspapers, which often carried obituaries including photographs.

They need as much information as possible to go with the photo to make sure they fit the right photo to the right man – but sometimes a name and date of death might be all they need.

Please email the museum directly at more details or to send a photo. You can also follow progress on Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook


The Cartooning the First World War Project is a Heritage Lottery Funded project being run by Cardiff University to mark the centenary of the First World War. It is creating a website containing all the wartime output of Western Mail political cartoonist J.M. Staniforth, which will be accompanied by commentaries on the cartoons and will allow users to contribute their own thoughts and observations on the war and on the cartoons themselves.

The project is looking for eager volunteers to write commentaries or to assist in the cleaning of the digital images. A deep knowledge of the war is not necessary, but a general interest and a willingness to undertake some reading would be useful.

If you are interested in taking part, please email Dr Rhianydd Biebrach, Project Officer, Cardiff University at


History Points is a project doing great work bringing history to your mobile phone! Barcodes, known as HiPoints, have been added to various points of interest (buildings, memorials or other permanent features in towns and communities) which you can use to receive snippets of information on your mobile. This is a great way to learn more about the area where you live in or get the most out of a visit to a new town or village! Caerphilly's Cenotaph has recently been added to the project.

History Points have a great website with lots of information in a number of languages. We recommend you take a look. The website address is

In 1913, the Oak had to be felled and local miner's lodges felt that, given the importance of the tree whilst standing, the wood should be used in a way that retained its prominence and local connection. They decided to commission a set of ornate chairs for the Councilors of Caerphilly Urban District Council.

In recent months, St Martins Church has embarked on an exciting project to create a history research room within the Church itself and our Chairman, aware of the story of the historic Council chairs, decided to try and find out if any them were still in existence. If so, Caerphilly Local History Society felt St Martins' new history research room would be an ideal setting for both the chairs and their story, to be on public display.

Last year, we discovered that only two of the chairs survive, the Chairman and Vice Chairman's chairs, and were being held in storage by Caerphilly County Borough Council. As you may imagine, although beautifully crafted and of great local importance, the chairs were no longer fit for purpose in a modern Council Chambers, and so were held away from view and their story almost lost with the passing of time.

Our Chairman, on behalf of Caerphilly Local History Society, had several meetings with Caerphilly Council, introduced them to story behind the creation of the chairs, their important local connection and the work being undertaken at St Martins Church. Having learnt their fascinating history and local connection, Caerphilly Council agreed that this interesting piece of our town's history should be made available to all.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Caerphilly Council has kindly agreed to loan the chairs to St Martins Church on a long term basis for public display. We are thrilled that these historic chairs have been returned to their place of origin and that their remarkable story has one again been brought to light, adding to our already rich local history.

The chairs are due to be formally presented to the Church from Caerphilly Council at the end of April and will be on display shortly afterwards. We do hope you are able to come along and learn more about them!


A great short film has been added to YouTube by Rhodri ap Hywel. See how the town has changed as you take a digital tour from Caerphilly Mountain, through the town to the Cedar Tree roundabout. The short film can been viewed on YouTube at


A great piece of work has been added to YouTube by Rhodri ap Hywel. See how the Miners Hospital started out through to when it closed at the end of 2012. The short film can been viewed on YouTube at


In the early 1900's, an ancient oak tree stood just outside the grounds of St Martins Church in Caerphilly and had been the focal point for celebrations and processions in the town for many centuries.


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